August 10, 2022

GreenVoyage2050 to support Malaysian pilot projects

The IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 Project, the Malaysia Ministry of Transport and Marine Department Malaysia are holding a special online event on 24 August 14:00 MYT to identify practical opportunities to reduce emissions from shipping in Malaysia. The virtual event will bring together interested potential project partners in Malaysia and allow them to learn more about the GreenVoyage2050 Accelerator* programme and how it can support the development of potential pilot projects.

It is open to Malaysian stakeholders, with leadership and ambition to reduce GHG emissions, including those active in the public sector (such as government agencies and port authorities) as well as the private sector (such as shipowners, vessel operators/managers, cargo owners), and those from the financial sector (such as development banks).

To register your interest to participate in this event, please email us by 19 August:




*The GreenVoyage2050 Accelerator for Pilot Programmes aims to accelerate deployment of low and zero carbon solutions on-board ships / in ports by supporting the development and implementation of pilot projects.

The Programme supports pilot owners through the provision of technical assistance to participating countries under the GreenVoyage2050 Project. This assistance includes:

  • Provision of policy, regulatory and technical advisory services (support undertaking economic / technical / environmental feasibility; share information, knowledge and best practice);
  • Matchmaking of projects and funding sources (support pilot owners in securing finance more efficiently; sharing of experience in project financing; identify / engage with financial institutions / investors);
  • Connecting to network (link pilot to government entities, policy makers and private sector);
  • Branding and outreach (promotion of all pilot projects through IMO and partner channels);
  • Administrative support (e.g. coordinate pilot project preparation work, connect stakeholders, organize meetings).

The Programme will not be in a position to fund the pilot project itself (no cash contributions will be made by the Pilot Accelerator Programme).